How to activate McAfee retail card without a CD? | Customer Support Bookmarking Site
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McAfee is interpreted to be one of the pioneers in the domain of antivirus for your personal as well as professional computer and the Smartphones. McAfee firewall comes along with some of the products of the McAfee which comes as a bonus point and is available as a standalone application. McAfee retail card contains a link (activation link) that allows the users to download the McAfee product over the internet connection instead of inserting the CD to the CD/ DVD drive of the system. The McAfee product downloaded in such manner ensures that the product is of the latest version.Apart from the activation link, the McAfee Retail Card contains a 25-character alphanumeric license keycode known as the mcafee activate product key. This McAfee Activate Keycode that allows the users to activate the services or the features involved in the McAfee or the McAfee product installed by the users on their device.